AT&T Prepaid AutoPay Guide

AT&T Prepaid AutoPay provides an automatic payment option to simplify paying your wireless bill each month. With AutoPay set up, the monthly charge gets deducted from your selected payment method automatically on your bill’s due date without any action needed.

AT&T Prepaid

Benefits of Enabling AT&T Prepaid AutoPay

Key perks of using AT&T Prepaid AutoPay include:

  • Hassle-free payments
  • Avoid late fees
  • Save $5 per month off plan charge
  • Ongoing monthly discount
  • Uninterrupted service

The $5 monthly AutoPay discount applies as long as AutoPay remains active. Just enabling it once earns the discounted rate moving forward.

How to Sign Up for AT&T Prepaid AutoPay

You can enroll in automatic payments for your AT&T Prepaid plan through the myAT&T app:

  1. Access the Plans section in myAT&T.
  2. Select your current AT&T Prepaid plan.
  3. Choose AutoPay enrollment on the next screen.
  4. Enter the requested payment method details.
  5. Confirm AutoPay activation.
AT&T Prepaid App

Once enrolled, the monthly plan charge will automatically be paid from your selected Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal or bank account.

Managing Your AT&T Prepaid AutoPay Settings

After enrollment, you can manage your AT&T Prepaid AutoPay status and details through the myAT&T app or website:

  • View payment history
  • Change payment method
  • Edit date of deductions
  • Temporarily suspend or permanently cancel Accessing your AutoPay details through myAT&T allows you to monitor payments and modify settings as needed after initial signup.

Frequently Asked AT&T Prepaid AutoPay Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about AT&T Prepaid AutoPay:

What are the steps to enroll in AT&T Prepaid AutoPay?

You can sign up in just a few clicks through the Plans section of the myAT&T app. Have your card or bank account information ready to enter.

Can I get a discount for using AT&T Prepaid AutoPay?

Yes, enabling AutoPay earns a $5 monthly discount that continues as long as automatic payments stay active on your AT&T Prepaid plan.

What cards or accounts can I use for AT&T Prepaid AutoPay?

Supported payment methods include major credit and debit cards along with PayPal and checking/savings accounts from participating banks.

How do I know when my AT&T Prepaid AutoPay deduction will occur?

The AutoPay amount gets withdrawn monthly on the bill due date. You’ll receive a payment confirmation via text, email or in the myAT&T app.

Can I cancel AT&T Prepaid AutoPay anytime?

Yes, you can temporarily pause or permanently stop AutoPay deductions at any time through the easy self-service controls within myAT&T.


Enrolling in hassle-free AT&T Prepaid AutoPay payments ensures your wireless plan stays active month-to-month while saving $5 off your bill. Manage your deductions easily through myAT&T.

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