How to Use AT&T Prepaid Hotspot Feature

AT&T Prepaid plans offer the ability to turn your compatible smartphone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for accessing the internet on other devices when you don’t have regular wireless connectivity. The mobile hotspot feature allows you to share your phone’s cellular data connection with other devices like laptops, tablets, gaming systems, etc. This guide covers how activating and customizing the mobile hotspot works on eligible Android and iOS phones with your AT&T prepaid service.

AT&T Prepaid

Check if Your Phone is Compatible

The first step to using your phone’s built-in hotspot capabilities on AT&T Prepaid is confirming your mobile device supports mobile hotspot/tethering. Most modern Android smartphones and iPhones are compatible, but always check your phone’s settings and product details to verify hotspot connectivity is an available option from the manufacturer. Contact customer support if unsure.

Turn On the Mobile Hotspot/Tethering Setting

Navigate into your smartphone’s main Settings menu and locate the Tethering, Hotspot, Personal Hotspot or Shared Network setting depending on your operating system. Turn on the toggle to activate your wireless hotspot functionality so your device starts broadcasting its own Wi-Fi network that other electronics detect just like any standard router network with a network name (SSID) and password.

Connect Other Devices to the Hotspot

Once you enable the mobile hotspot mode on your AT&T prepaid smartphone, use your laptop, tablet or other WiFi-enabled device you want to share the cellular internet connection with to scan for available wireless networks and select your phone’s hotspot SSID when displayed. Then input the hotspot network security password from your phone when prompted to connect. The connection process for joining hotspot networks is the same as connecting to standard Wi-Fi.

AT&T Prepaid Hotspot

Customize & Configure Hotspot Settings

While still in your smartphone’s hotspot settings menu, tap into the configurations and customization options like setting a personalized network name and unique password instead of keeping the autogenerated credentials for joining your hotspot. Also adjust other preferences like enabling auto-off timers for the hotspot, limiting the maximum number of devices that can connect concurrently, selecting the radio bands to broadcast over, and designating channel selections to potentially improve connectivity in certain locations.

Monitor Hotspot Cellular Data Usage

Using your phone’s hotspot connection taps into your monthly cellular high-speed data allotment with AT&T Prepaid. Carefully monitor usage from the hotspot alongside overall data consumption from your smartphone to avoid overages or slowdowns if you reach your plan allowance. Most phones break hotspot data usage tracking out separately from device usage. Promptly disable the hotspot when not needed.


Clarifying how the AT&T Prepaid hotspot and tethering functionality works allows you to best leverage the feature for temporary wireless access on the go. Below are some key details about managing hotspot data usage:

Does mobile hotspot data draw from my plan’s high-speed usage?

Yes, any data consumed when other devices access your phone’s cellular connection via the mobile hotspot counts against the same monthly prepaid data bucket as your smartphone’s regular usage. Once you hit the plan allowance, speeds slow until the next billing cycle.

Why can’t my friend find my phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot network?

If another device cannot detect your smartphone’s broadcasted hotspot network name (SSID) to connect, check that the mobile hotspot is actively enabled in your phone’s settings. Also, confirm devices are nearby since hotspot signals can be short-range.

What happens if other devices use too much hotspot data?

Since hotspot usage accrues against your single prepaid data allotment, other connected devices consuming excessive data for streaming, system updates, etc could tap your high-speed allowance quicker risking slower data later in the monthly billing period as all usage aggregates together with no restrictions by device.

Can I track hotspot data usage separately from my phone?

Most Android and iOS devices break hotspot and personal device cellular data consumption into distinct buckets within your settings allowing you to monitor Wi-Fi hotspot-specific usage vs. phone usage so you understand both contributing factors against your single data allowance.

How many devices can connect to my phone’s hotspot simultaneously?

The number of devices like laptops, tablets, gaming systems, etc that can concurrently tap into your smartphone’s hosted mobile hotspot capacity varies between make/model. Confirm your device’s maximum connections (usually 5-10 devices) in advanced hotspot settings before enabling to set proper user expectations.


The built-in mobile hotspot and tethering functionality offered on compatible AT&T Prepaid smartphones provides great flexibility for accessing Wi-Fi internet temporarily with other devices by sharing your phone’s cellular data connection when traveling or in areas without regular wireless coverage. Take advantage of the onboard tools for monitoring usage against your plan allowance. Configuring advanced options can also help optimize hotspot performance as needed on the go.

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