AT&T Prepaid Multi-Line Setup Guide

Adding extra lines to your AT&T Prepaid account can help families and groups save money through discounted multi-line pricing. Read on for a guide to establishing multi-line service.

AT&T Prepaid

Benefits of AT&T Prepaid Multi-Line Plans

Key perks of choosing a family or multi-line plan with AT&T Prepaid include:

  • Discounted per-line rate
  • One pooled data allowance
  • Single monthly bill
  • Easy account management
  • International talk options
  • Mobile hotspot sharing

With all lines under one AT&T Prepaid account, you can share a data bucket and everyone gets unlimited domestic talk/text. AT&T Prepaid also offers attractive discounted pricing for each additional line added to a group plan.

How to Set Up an AT&T Prepaid Multi-Line Account

Follow these steps to establish a new multi-line account with AT&T Prepaid service:

  1. Start your order online at
  2. Select “Add a line”.
  3. Choose your base plan for the first-line.
  4. Enter details for line one.
  5. Repeat the steps to add more lines.
  6. Check out to complete the order.
AT&T Prepaid Multi-Line Setup Guide

When adding the first wireless line, you’ll select your desired base prepaid plan amount. Then enter details for each subsequent line including any optional add-ons. Be sure all lines share the same billing address.

Managing an Existing AT&T Prepaid Multi-Line Account

If you already have AT&T Prepaid lines established, managing everything is simple through your online account dashboard:

  • Review all lines’ usage
  • Change individual plan amounts
  • Add/remove international options
  • Suspend/resume line service
  • Update contact info
  • View/pay unified bill

Because all lines reside under one account, you have full visibility over each along with the ability to customize their service while keeping everyone under a single bill.


Here are answers to some common AT&T Prepaid multi-line questions:

How many lines can I add to my AT&T Prepaid account?

You can add up to 10 total wireless lines across a mix of phones, tablets and watches to one AT&T Prepaid account.

Can I mix and match prepaid plans on different lines?

Yes, each line can have its own standalone prepaid plan amount. However, all lines share the same pooled high-speed data bucket.

Do all lines need to be at the same address?

Yes, the billing address must match across all lines on your AT&T Prepaid multi-line account. But actual usage can occur anywhere nationwide.

Can I suspend just one line temporarily?

Yes, individual line management is easy. You can independently suspend, resume or cancel each line on your account while others remain active.

Do multi-line plans come with any discounts?

Yes, AT&T Prepaid offers attractive discounts when you add more lines. For example, two lines on the 16GB plan cost just $90 total ($45 each).


Multi-line AT&T Prepaid plans streamline wireless management for families through discounted group pricing along with the simplicity of unified billing and account controls.

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