How to get rewards and discounts with AT&T prepaid

AT&T Prepaid offers significant savings over traditional postpaid plans. But subscribers can amplify deals even more through loyalty rewards programs granting extra discounts for longer-term customers. From monthly loyalty credits to referral bonuses to waived activation fees, unlocking these prepaid perks means stretching your wireless budget further. Understanding Loyalty Rewards For every 6 months continually … Read more

How to cancel your AT&T prepaid service

If you no longer need or want your AT&T prepaid wireless service, canceling it is a relatively straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide to canceling your AT&T prepaid account. Determine If You’re Within the Refund Period If you recently activated your AT&T prepaid service, determine if you are still within the refund period. AT&T … Read more

How to Return or Exchange Your AT&T Prepaid Device

AT&T Prepaid allows returning or exchanging smartphone and device purchases within limited timeframes, given certain qualifications get met. Understanding prepaid return and exchange policies helps customers undo problematic purchases or get more suitable equipment for wireless needs when necessary. Review AT&T Return/Exchange Fine Print Several key conditions apply for prepaid customers seeking refunds or exchanges … Read more

How to Track Your AT&T Prepaid Orders and Shipments

After signing up for one of AT&T’s no-contract prepaid plans, you’ll need a compatible device along with your wireless SIM card to access their network. Tracking order status and shipments lets customers verify prepaid purchases arrive correctly for activating new service. AT&T Prepaid offers tracking tools and proactive updates on delivery ETAs across purchase channels. … Read more

How to Protect Your AT&T Prepaid Account from Fraud and Scams

Like all wireless carriers, AT&T prepaid accounts face threats from hackers, fraudsters and scammers trying to access your account and personal information. Fortunately, AT&T offers useful security settings and best practices you can follow to better safeguard your prepaid mobile account, phone number and data from unauthorized access or use. Enable Account PIN Security The … Read more

How to Compare AT&T Prepaid Plans with Other Carriers

When choosing a prepaid wireless plan, AT&T offers competitive options to compare against other major carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. By evaluating monthly pricing, data amounts, network coverage and phone selection across providers, you can determine the best prepaid plan for your needs and budget. Analyze Voice and Text Allowances Most prepaid plans now … Read more

Activate AT&T Prepaid SIM or eSIM

Activating a new AT&T Prepaid wireless plan requires proper installation and initialization of the associated SIM card or eSIM profile that pairs with your compatible unlocked phone. Successful activation connects your device to the AT&T network for calling, texting, and data usage aligned to your selected prepaid plan’s allotments and term length. This guide covers … Read more

How to Use AT&T Prepaid Hotspot Feature

AT&T Prepaid plans offer the ability to turn your compatible smartphone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot for accessing the internet on other devices when you don’t have regular wireless connectivity. The mobile hotspot feature allows you to share your phone’s cellular data connection with other devices like laptops, tablets, gaming systems, etc. This guide covers … Read more

Replace Broken AT&T Prepaid Device

If your AT&T prepaid phone or device stops working due to damage, loss, or other issues, you may need to replace it. Getting a replacement device for your AT&T prepaid plan is usually very straightforward. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to replace a malfunctioning or broken AT&T prepaid device so you … Read more

Check AT&T Prepaid Balance and Usage

It’s easy to check your current AT&T Prepaid balance and account usage details through the myAT&T portal or mobile app. Monitoring usage helps avoid surprises on your bill. Benefits of Monitoring AT&T Prepaid Balance & Usage Key reasons for AT&T Prepaid customers to regularly check balances and usage include: By closely monitoring account vitals through … Read more