Check AT&T Prepaid Balance and Usage

It’s easy to check your current AT&T Prepaid balance and account usage details through the myAT&T portal or mobile app. Monitoring usage helps avoid surprises on your bill.

AT&T Prepaid

Benefits of Monitoring AT&T Prepaid Balance & Usage

Key reasons for AT&T Prepaid customers to regularly check balances and usage include:

  • Avoid account suspension
  • Stay within the plan’s data allowance
  • Pay bills on time
  • Understand charges
  • Identify potential fraud
  • Enable low balance alerts

By closely monitoring account vitals through your online AT&T Prepaid Balance account dashboard, you can better understand your wireless service spending and catch issues early.

Check AT&T Prepaid Balance

It’s quick and easy to check an updated balance on your AT&T Prepaid account:

  1. Login to your myAT&T account.
  2. Locate the “Balance” amount shown.
  3. Subtract monthly plan charge if recently renewed.
  4. Pay any negative Balance amount owed.

The Balance showed already factors in your current wireless plan charge along with any payments, credits or outstanding fees. Monitor it routinely to know when to make payments.

Review AT&T Prepaid Account Usage

In addition to Balance, analyzing Usage details is key:

  1. Open the Usage section of myAT&T.
  2. Check talk, text and data amounts used.
  3. Enable auto alerts before limits are reached.
  4. Compared to the monthly plan allowance.

Ongoing usage monitoring allows you to catch excessive charges before bill renewal. You can also set proactive alerts for insights into data consumption.

Check Usage on AT&T Prepaid Mobile App

The myAT&T app provides the same Balance and Usage visibility in a handy portable interface:

  • Quickly open the app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to the usage or account section.
  • Swipe to view usage graphs.
  • Enable push notifications.

Set low balance warnings in the app to be notified when your prepaid account balance gets low or when monthly data usage reaches a specified percentage of your high-speed allowance.


Here are some common questions about monitoring AT&T Prepaid usage:

Where can I check my current usage this month?

You can check talk minutes, text messages and wireless data amounts used this billing cycle through the Usage section of either the myAT&T website or mobile app.

Why is my AT&T Prepaid balance a negative amount?

If your Balance shows a negative amount, that indicates the total of your current AT&T Prepaid monthly charge and any outstanding fees exceed payments received on your account.

How do I check usage on the AT&T Prepaid mobile app?

Simply install the myAT&T app on your smartphone and login. Tap Usage to see metrics like minutes talked and high-speed data amounts consumed during the current billing period.


Monitoring your AT&T Prepaid account balance and wireless usage provides visibility over monthly charges to prevent surprise bills along with enabling proactive balance notifications. Check usage conveniently in the myAT&T portal or mobile app.

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