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The AT&T Prepaid Login at paygonline.com allows you to easily manage your AT&T Prepaid wireless account online. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about logging into your AT&T Prepaid account and using the account portal.

What is the AT&T Prepaid Login website?

The AT&T Prepaid Login is found at paygonline.com. This is the main online account management portal for AT&T Prepaid customers. You can log in to pay your bill, check usage, change plans, and more.

What is the AT&T Prepaid Login username? 

Your username is typically your 10-digit AT&T wireless phone number associated with your prepaid account. In some cases it may be an email address instead if you customized your username.

What is the default AT&T Prepaid Login password?

The default password is the last 4 digits of the phone number you used when activating your AT&T Prepaid Login account. You likely set a custom password after your first login.

I forgot my AT&T Prepaid Login password – how can I reset it?

Use the “Forgot password” link on paygonline.com and enter your wireless number to reset your password. A link will be texted or emailed to create a new password.

How do I sign up for online account access?

After activating your prepaid service, visit paygonline.com and click “Register now” to create your online account credentials. Provide details like your email, password, and billing information.

What can I do through the AT&T Prepaid Login account portal?

On your account dashboard, you can check your balance, make payments, set up autopay, monitor usage, change plans, add features like hotspot data or international calling, access customer support, and more.

Does the AT&T Prepaid Login work on mobile devices?

Yes, you can log into your account at paygonline.com from any desktop, tablet or smartphone with an internet browser. AT&T also offers a Prepaid Mobile App for account management on the go.

Is the AT&T Prepaid Login secure? 

Yes, paygonline.com uses encryption and other security measures to keep your account details and transactions safe. Never share your login credentials. 

How often should I log into my AT&T Prepaid account?

It’s a good idea to log in regularly, like weekly or monthly, to monitor your usage, make sure your plan is up to date, pay your bill, and check for any account notifications from AT&T.

I’m having trouble logging into my AT&T Prepaid account – what should I do?

If you have trouble accessing your account, you can reset your credentials online. For additional login issues, contact AT&T Prepaid customer support for troubleshooting assistance. Logging into your AT&T Prepaid account makes managing your wireless service quick and convenient. Sign in anytime to pay bills, adjust plans, check usage, and more.