How to cancel your AT&T prepaid service

If you no longer need or want your AT&T prepaid wireless service, canceling it is a relatively straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide to canceling your AT&T prepaid account.

Determine If You’re Within the Refund Period

If you recently activated your AT&T prepaid service, determine if you are still within the refund period. AT&T offers refunds on the cost of your service plan if you cancel within 14 days of activation. So if it has been less than 2 weeks, you can get your money back for the current service period by requesting a refund when you cancel.

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If You Have an Active Service Plan Balance

When you cancel AT&T prepaid service with an active balance remaining from a service plan you paid for in advance, that balance can be refunded to you. So your remaining service days will be calculated and you’ll get back the equivalent monetary balance. This refund can take 7-10 business days to process after cancellation.

Make Sure Your Balance is Used Up First

If you have no interest in getting a refund, use up your remaining balance of plan data, talk time, and texts before canceling. Otherwise you’d be walking away from service you already paid AT&T for in advance. Once your balance shows $0, you can safely cancel knowing you maximized what you paid for.

Contact AT&T Through Your Account

The quickest and easiest way to cancel AT&T prepaid service is through your online account dashboard. Log in to your account online or via the myAT&T app. Go to your account settings where you should find a “Cancel service” option. Select that and follow the prompts to terminate your account.

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You can also cancel by texting the word STOP to 6700. After texting STOP, you’ll get a message from AT&T asking you to reply back if you truly want to cancel service. Respond with YES and after 24 hours your prepaid account will be closed.

Cancel Through an AT&T Store

If you prefer to cancel your AT&T prepaid service in person, you can visit any AT&T store. Let an AT&T sales representative know you want to disconnect your prepaid account and they can quickly process your cancellation request. They may encourage you to switch to a different AT&T plan first though before fully canceling your service altogether.

What Happens When You Cancel

Once you successfully cancel with AT&T, your service will terminate within 24 hours. You’ll no longer have access to any talk time, texts, or data remaining in your account balance. When the 30-day grace period ends after cancellation, your phone number will be permanently disconnected as well.

After cancellation, make sure to power off and then power back on your device. This clears out any cached subscriber credentials and ensures your smartphone or tablet is no longer trying to connect to the now defunct AT&T account.

Any auto pay or refill settings for your prepaid account will also be stopped when you cancel service. And you won’t be charged any early termination fees since those do not apply to AT&T prepaid customers.

If you change your mind within the first 30 days and want to reactive service, in most cases you can contact AT&T and have them reopen your account allowing you to keep the same phone number. After 30 days though, you would have to sign up for AT&T again from scratch.

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What About Leftover Account Credits?

If you received any rewards cards, account credits, or promotional balances that you didn’t get to use before cancellation, those unfortunately will not be refunded or reissued to you. This includes any monthly loyalty rewards credits that were sitting in your account. So be sure to use these up prior to cancellation.

For the most part, canceling AT&T prepaid wireless service is quick and uncomplicated. As long as you use up your paid service time in advance and account credits before disconnecting, the cancellation process through AT&T is relatively smooth. Just select the “Cancel service” option in your account portal and confirm to terminate your prepaid plan.


Will I be charged an early termination fee if I cancel AT&T prepaid?

No, early termination fees do not apply to AT&T prepaid accounts. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

What happens to my phone number when I cancel prepaid service?

You’ll retain your number for 30 days after cancellation. If you don’t reactivate within 30 days, the number is surrendered and cannot be recovered.

How long does it take to cancel after I request prepaid service cancellation?

Your account will be terminated within 24 hours after you confirm cancellation through your account or by texting STOP to 6700.

If I have a monthly plan balance remaining, will I get a prorated refund when I cancel?

Yes, any remaining days of talk, text, and data will be refunded back to your original payment method within 7-10 business days.

Can I reactive my prepaid account later if I change my mind after cancelling?

Yes, in most cases you can contact AT&T within 30 days to reactive service and retain the same phone number you had previously.


Canceling your AT&T prepaid wireless service can be easily accomplished through your online account dashboard or by visiting an AT&T store. Just be sure to use up any existing service plan balances or account credits before disconnecting. And if it’s within 14 days of activation, you can request a refund of your current monthly service charge. While prepaid doesn’t come with early termination fees, you do lose your phone number if you don’t reactivate within 30 days. Overall, AT&T makes it simple to cancel prepaid service when the time comes to switch carriers or disconnect permanently.

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