How to get rewards and discounts with AT&T prepaid

AT&T Prepaid offers significant savings over traditional postpaid plans. But subscribers can amplify deals even more through loyalty rewards programs granting extra discounts for longer-term customers. From monthly loyalty credits to referral bonuses to waived activation fees, unlocking these prepaid perks means stretching your wireless budget further.

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Understanding Loyalty Rewards

For every 6 months continually on AT&T Prepaid, subscribers earn a $5 account credit applied monthly going forward. After hitting certain tenure milestones, the monthly loyalty benefit increases – $10 monthly credits after 3 straight years or $15 monthly credits after 6 consecutive years sticks with AT&T Prepaid service.

These rewards automatically apply but check under Plans & Usage > Loyalty Rewards to track credits earned. Loyalty timelines reset whenever you change prepaid plans or temporarily disconnect service.

Referring Friends for Bonuses

Score a $25 account credit for every friend you convince to activate AT&T Prepaid service. After activation, both you and the new referred customer receive a $25 credit applied to your balances automatically within 3 billing cycles. No limits exist on how many friends you refer.

To make sure credits apply properly, the customer you referred must enter your phone number as the referral source when signing up either online or in stores. Referring quickly adds up extras funds across loyal customers.

Waiving Activation Fees

Normally AT&T charges a $15 activation fee when new customers setup prepaid service or existing subscribers change between prepaid plan levels. However that fee is waived as a loyalty benefit after you maintain 12 consecutive months on any AT&T Prepaid plan without lapsing service.

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Check your account dashboard to see if the activation fee waiver benefit is listed under Plans & Usage > Loyalty Rewards indicating your tenure qualifies. Then you can upgrade between prepaid monthly plans or reconnect service after a break without extra activation charges.

Saving on Devices

Exclusive device bundle deals present another avenue for prepaid savings, allowing you score free or discounted phones, tablets or smartwatches with plan activation on AT&T Prepaid. Offers vary monthly but often include flagship models from Apple, Samsung and more.

Browse the retail site to view latest free or reduced device offers when adding a line on qualified plans. Combine with loyalty credits for even lower effective monthly costs when taking a bundle.

Using Discounted Refills

Consider purchasing service plan refill cards for ongoing monthly discounts once activated on prepaid. Refill cards purchased from retail chains often run 10-25% off putting extra credits in your account at reduced pricing.

Score discounted prepaid refills from big box stores, grocery chains or wireless dealers then use codes to add allotments of 30, 90 or 365 days of service to your balance. Just remember discounts usually only apply towards base data/talk/text buckets not any addon allowances.


How do I check my loyalty reward credits balance in my account?

Log in online and navigate to Plans & Usage > Loyalty Rewards to see monthly credits accrued and used.

Do loyalty credits expire if I don’t use them right away?

Yes, unused account credits expire after 90 days if not applied towards your monthly refill balance.

Can I refer an existing AT&T customer from postpaid?

Unfortunately no – referral program rules require the signup to be a new customer activating AT&T Prepaid service for the first time.


With the right combo of tenure-based loyalty rewards, friend referrals and bundled device deals, relying on AT&T for prepaid wireless can deliver significant long-term savings off typical monthly rates. Remember rewards often carry qualifications around consecutive months served or new subscriber activations. Read terms closely and keep service active to extract full value from AT&T Prepaid perks tailored to loyal customers.

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