How to Return or Exchange Your AT&T Prepaid Device

AT&T Prepaid allows returning or exchanging smartphone and device purchases within limited timeframes, given certain qualifications get met. Understanding prepaid return and exchange policies helps customers undo problematic purchases or get more suitable equipment for wireless needs when necessary.

AT&T Prepaid

Review AT&T Return/Exchange Fine Print

Several key conditions apply for prepaid customers seeking refunds or exchanges that everyone must first understand, including:

  • 14-day return period from shipment delivery date.
  • Return shipping costs are paid by the customer.
  • 25% restocking fee deducted on returns.
  • Exchanges are only offered for identical device models.

Review the full return and exchange legal details on before proceeding. Also, confirm device order dates to ensure still within the eligible two-week return period.

Check Return Requirements for Devices

Devices must meet standards to qualify for prepaid customer returns and exchanges without extra fees, namely:

  • New condition with no damage
  • Original manufacturer packaging and contents intact
  • Proof of purchase receipt attached scratches immediately disqualifies return eligibility. Carefully repackage the device just as it originally arrived to avoid issues receiving a refund or replacement.

Initiate Online Return Requests at

Start the prepaid return/exchange process through your AT&T online account dashboard at, specifically:

  1. Login then access Profile > Orders > Return device.
  2. Select the qualifying order with the device return.
  3. Print a free return shipping label.
  4. Await RMA email confirmation.

An AT&T representative will contact you within 72 hours to confirm the next steps. Print multiple copies of the return shipping label to securely attach to the returning device.

Ship the Device Back to AT&T

Once receiving RMA authorization for your prepaid device return or exchange request, properly package the smartphone, tablets or accessories along with:

  • Completed return form.
  • Original proof of purchase.
  • Printed return shipping label.

Affix the shipping label securely to the outside of the box, seal the package carefully then promptly drop it off with the carrier listed for transit back to AT&T’s return center.

Await Return Completion by AT&T

Give AT&T 5-7 days after receiving your returned device shipment to finalize processing the request. Expect either:

  • An email confirming a refund or exchange order.
  • Subsequent shipment of replacement exchange device.
  • Account credit on AT&T bill for the return amount.

Closely track the return online and contact support if not hearing a status within two weeks of your receiving center taking possession of the prepaid return package.


Can I exchange my AT&T prepaid phone for a different model?

AT&T only allows exchanging a prepaid device for an identical make and model, not swapping smartphones for a completely different device. You must first return the original phone for a refund, then place a separate order for the desired alternate prepaid phone model.

Does the AT&T prepaid return period start from the order or delivery date?

The 14-day return window for AT&T prepaid device refunds or exchanges begins on the delivery date, not the original smartphone order date. So move swiftly once your prepaid purchase arrives.

What return shipping do I use to send back my AT&T prepaid device?

Print a free return shipping label from your AT&T online order dashboard after requesting an official Return Merchandise Authorization. Attach multiple copies securely to the device box along with the original order details. Drop off quickly with the shipping carrier noted to start transit back to AT&T’s return center.

Can I return just the phone if I open the accessories?

No – opening or using included accessories like headphones or cases disqualifies the entire AT&T prepaid device bundle for returns. Every original item must prove unopened to receive a full refund on smartphone purchases.

Do restocking fees apply to AT&T prepaid returns?

Yes. AT&T charges a 25% restocking fee on any qualified prepaid device returns to cover refurbishment and resale costs. This percentage is deducted from any refund amount, so costs prove higher for expensive iPhone and smartphone returns from prepaid customers.


Returning or exchanging AT&T prepaid devices requires carefully following policies to qualify for refunds or replacements. Move swiftly within 14 days of receiving orders, fully complete packaging and forms correctly to avoid denied requests. Consider the costs of return shipping and restocking charges as well when seeking exchanges versus living with minor disappointing device purchases. Reach out for customer support guidance to smoothly navigate AT&T’s prepaid return process and policies when necessary.

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