Modify AT&T Prepaid Plan & Add-Ons

It’s easy to change components of your AT&T Prepaid wireless plan as needed. You can upgrade data amounts, enroll in new features or manage add-ons conveniently through the myAT&T portal.

AT&T Prepaid

Changing AT&T Prepaid Plan Details Online

One major benefit of no annual contract AT&T Prepaid plans is the flexibility to modify your wireless plan when needed. With just a few clicks in your myAT&T account, you can:

  • Switch data amounts
  • Add more lines
  • Remove unneeded features
  • Activate helpful add-ons
  • Manage renewals

Adjustments take effect right away or on your next renewal date in most cases. Available plan options and add-ons depend on your specific AT&T plan type.

Steps to Change Your AT&T Prepaid Plan

Follow these simple steps to change components of your AT&T Prepaid wireless plan:

  1. Login to your myAT&T account.
  2. Tap the Plans section.
  3. Select your current AT&T Prepaid plan.
  4. Choose “Change plan” to see the options.
  5. Pick your new desired plan.
  6. Confirm changes.
AT&T Prepaid Plans

After confirming your prepaid plan changes, the adjustments typically take effect immediately. Some changes won’t apply until the next renewal.

Adding Features and Add-Ons

In addition to changing base data amounts, you can add useful features and addons to your AT&T Prepaid plan:

  • Additional high-speed data
  • Mexico roaming packages
  • International day passes
  • Cloud storage
  • FamilyMap location tracking

Features appear below your current wireless plan details within myAT&T for easy management. Tap “Add more” to enable extra functionality or deals.

Removing Add-Ons No Longer Needed

Just like adding extra functionality, you can remove any AT&T Prepaid add-ons you no longer want:

  1. Navigate to the Plans section in myAT&T
  2. Locate the add-on below your wireless plan info
  3. Select “Remove” to cancel service

After confirmation, monthly billing for that particular feature or add-on stops on your next renewal date.


Here are some commonly asked questions about modifying AT&T Prepaid plans:

Can I change my data amount monthly if needed?

Yes, you can adjust your high-speed data bucket each month through the easy self-service controls in your myAT&T account.

Do plan changes take effect immediately?

Most plan adjustments apply instantly, but some may not initiate until the next renewal billing cycle. You’ll see a notification with effective timing.

How do I add international calling packages?

Once signed into myAT&T, locate add-ons below your current wireless plan details and choose the Mexico roaming or other international packages.

What if I want to remove an added feature I no longer need?

Locate the feature’s tile below your prepaid plan info and select “Remove” to stop monthly billing on your next renewal date after confirming cancellation.


One advantage of AT&T Prepaid flexibility is easily changing wireless plan components through myAT&T to better meet your needs month-to-month. Add data, features or complete prepaid plan upgrades in just a few taps as your usage changes.

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