What is AT&T $45.00 Unlimited Plan?

AT&T offers a $45 per month no-contract unlimited wireless plan that provides exceptional value and flexibility. With unlimited talk, text and data on your smartphone plus mobile hotspot data included, it can meet the needs of many types of wireless users without breaking the bank. Let’s explore the details of this plan.

Official AT&T Prepaid

Plan Overview

For just $45 per month when you enroll in auto pay and paperless billing, AT&T provides:

  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Unlimited data for your smartphone
  • 10GB per month of mobile hotspot data
  • Stream Saver for higher definition video streaming
  • 5G access with a compatible device

It’s a great blend of features and affordability in one unlimited package. Taxes and fees are included making your monthly charge predictable. And no annual contract or credit check is required, adding flexibility.

Network Coverage & Speeds

You get coast-to-coast coverage on AT&T’s reliable 4G and 5G networks. Actual speeds vary based on location, usage and congestion but are plenty fast for typical smartphone activity. Video may stream at SD quality when Stream Saver is enabled to conserve higher-speed data capacity across the network.

Adding Extra Lines

For additional lines beyond the first one for $45, AT&T offers a multi-line discount:

  • 2 Lines = $80/month
  • 3 Lines = $110/month
  • 4 Lines = $140/month

So adding more users makes the plan even more affordable at $35 per added line. A family or group could share a plan together and all benefit from the unlimited data.

AT&T Prepaid Mobile App

Managing & Paying Your Bill

An online account dashboard and mobile app make it easy to monitor usage and pay your bill each month. Payment is quick through auto pay and paperless billing enrollment. And you can change plans at any time based on your usage, so you’re not locked in long term.


What’s the video/music streaming quality?

Video typically streams in SD quality. The mobile hotspot data can be used for HD video streaming.

Can I use a mobile hotspot for other devices?

Yes, the 10GB per month of mobile hotspot data is for tablets, laptops or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Is there international roaming?

Currently, the plan only includes usage in the United States. Additional roaming passes would need to be purchased for international travel usage.

Are taxes & fees included in $45/month?

Yes, taxes and fees are included in your $45 monthly charge so your bill total is predictable each month.

Can I switch plans whenever I want?

Yes, you can change to another plan at any time without penalties since AT&T Prepaid plans are month-to-month without annual contracts.


In summary, AT&T’s Unlimited $45 wireless plan brings together unlimited smartphone data, mobile hotspot data, stream saver capability and nationwide 5G access for an excellent value. And multi-line discounts make it very compelling for families and groups needing unlimited data on a budget. See if it could be a fit for your wireless needs today.

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