What is AT&T Prepaid?

AT&T Prepaid is a no-contract wireless plan offered directly from AT&T that allows you to pay upfront for mobile service each month without signing a long term contract. AT&T Prepaid plans provide unlimited talk and text to anyone in the U.S. with varying amounts of high-speed data depending on which plan you choose.

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Some benefits of AT&T Prepaid plans include:

  • No credit checks or long term commitments
  • Option to change plans each month to fit your usage needs
  • Access to 5G network and hotspot data on select plans
  • Rollover data on some plans to use unused data the next month
  • Option to add additional high-speed data passes as needed

AT&T Prepaid Plan Options

AT&T Prepaid has a range of plan options to meet different data usage needs and budgets:

  • $30/month – 3GB high-speed data
  • $40/month – 15GB high-speed data
  • $50/month – 40GB high-speed data
  • $65/month – Unlimited high-speed data

Taxes and fees are included in plan pricing. All plans include unlimited talk and text nationwide. You can choose from data-only plans for tablets and smartwatches as well. Additional lines can be added to any of these plans for just $25/month per line.

Managing Your AT&T Prepaid Account

With the AT&T Prepaid app or online account dashboard, you can easily manage your AT&T Prepaid account. Capabilities include:

  • Pay your bill
  • Check data usage
  • Change plans when needed
  • Add high-speed data passes
  • Setup auto pay and paperless billing

You’ll receive alerts when you’ve used 80% and 100% of your monthly plan data allowance so there are no surprise overage charges.

AT&T Prepaid Plans

Where to Get AT&T Prepaid

AT&T Prepaid SIM card kits and service plans are sold at over 50,000 retail stores nationwide including AT&T stores, Walmart, Target and more. You can either bring your existing compatible phone or purchase a phone designed for use on AT&T networks.


How long do my minutes, texts and data last?

Your monthly plan allotments expire each month. Though some AT&T Prepaid plans allow rollover data to the next month.

Can I use mobile hotspot/tethering?

Yes, Mobile hotspot data is included on the 40GB and Unlimited data plans or can be added onto other plans.

Does it include 5G access?

Yes, 5G access is included with capable devices on the same prepaid plans as LTE data.

Can I stream video/music?

Yes, streaming is supported but may be slowed at times depending on network congestion. The Unlimited plan streams DVD quality video.


In summary, AT&T Prepaid is an affordable and flexible way to get wireless service without long term commitments on the AT&T network. With different plan options to meet your data needs and easy account management through the app or online, it provides a quality prepaid alternative to postpaid contracts. Considering your usage habits and budget, AT&T Prepaid could potentially offer you what you want in a wireless carrier minus the contract.

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